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You See, We Give


A one-for-one campaignRestoring Vision, eyeglasses charity

The You See, We Give program is Thoma & Sutton's partnership with RestoringVision, a non-profit organization working to restore sight and transform lives worldwide. The opportunity to visit an eye doctor and obtain corrective eyewear is a privilege still not common in many parts of the world. When left uncorrected visual impairment has a negative effect on every part of daily life, from simple tasks and driving, to work performance and educational deficiencies.


Thoma & Sutton has donated more than 40,000 pairs of glasses to those in need.


So how exactly does You See, We Give work? For each pair of eyeglasses purchased at any of our more than 60 area locations, Thoma & Sutton will donate a pair to RestoringVision. When the Thoma & Sutton team helps you choose your new eyeglass frames, your purchase gives back to those in need. Every time you put on your Thoma & Sutton eyeglasses, you know that someone around the world is able to do the same because of you. You See, We Give.


RestoringVision was founded in 2003 and has supplied more than 5,000,000 pairs of eyeglasses to people in 75 countries worldwide and worked with more than 800 outreach groups to achieve this amazing feat. The You See, We Give partnership with Thoma & Sutton Eye Care will help rapidly grow those numbers in the years to come.


For more information about RestoringVision, and details on how you can help, visit